Profiles and Accounts

How do I get a login for CARE Academy?

Access to CARE Academy is available for all of CARE but granted by CARE USA. If you are a part of CARE USA, this is automatically created. However, this account is not part of Single Sign-On (SSO) or Okta. Your User ID is your current CARE email address, but your password may not be the same as your current password (due to the 90-day password reset). If you have not received a “Welcome to CARE Academy,” email

If you are a non-CARE USA colleague, click here to register for access.

I forgot my password, how can I reset it?

Visit the Courses page, and click Reset Password on the right. An email will be sent to you with a new password.

How can I change my password?

After logging in, click on the User Profile button on the top right (the image of a person), this will give you options to change your personal settings including your password.

How do I change my profile?

You can customize your profile & preferences by clicking Edit My Profile (under Quick Links). Here you can change user preferences, customize your profile, and change your password.

Can I change my username if my email address has changed?

Yes. We are happy to update your username to your most current email address. Simply email and request the change.


How do I enroll in a course?

From the home page click Courses, you will then see the course catalog. Once you are logged in, you will then see a link to browse or search for a course. Click on the course you would like to register for it will show an Enroll button that you can use to register for the course. You can see the courses you are currently enrolled in by clicking View My Learning under Quick Links.

From the home page, you can also click My Learning to go straight to browsing.

How long do the courses take?

This information is available for some courses but not all. When you click on the course, if the information is available, it will be shown on the enrollment page. Times vary from course to course, but all are flexible in that you can return to where you last left off and move at your own personal pace. Some courses provided will insist that you move at a certain pace, but all this information will be given to you when you open the course details.

Can I resume a course where I left off?

Many courses offer the option to save your location within a course and return to it later. If you wish to resume a course later on, click the Bookmark icon within a course and your current location will be saved. The next time you log in and access that course, you will be returned to your bookmarked location.

How do I respond to issues loading or progressing on a specific course?

Specific browser settings can cause issues with specific courses. If you are experiencing issues with your Google Chrome or Edge browser, click here to learn how to change your browser settings. If you are experiencing issues with your Internet Explorer browser, click here to learn how to change your browser settings.

I have internet connectivity issues, how can you help?

We understand that some courses require more bandwidth than others. If you are having trouble accessing a course online and have contacted technical support, contact for assistance.

How do I get course completion certificates? 

Printable completion certificates are available for some courses but not all. Contact your HR Administrator for printing assistance.

I have been unable to find a course that fits my learning needs, how can you help?

If you haven’t found a course that fits your learning needs in the CARE Academy Catalog, we encourage you to look at our External Learning Opportunities page on the CARE Share’s Global Training Hub. This site features a wide variety of additional memberships and sites that offer relevant resources.

If you still cannot find what you are looking for, contact for support. We will work to help you find the right course and/or resource for you, as well as look into potential courses to add to CARE Academy.

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